The chairman’s message

To my father Hedi who worked hardly since his youth to pass on values to be perpetuated.
Having more than a half century experience in the field of construction and public works, ETRAPH is well known for its ability to perform projects within the required time, insuring the quality and the costumers’ satisfaction. Backed to the faithfulness, the sacrifice and the infatuation with the work of all its employees males and females, ETRAPH has targeted a harmonious and well based development and has started an international experience since more than twenty years. Our duty is to consolidate our company achievements and to rise up to new development challenges.

Mohamed ABID

Presentation & History

ETRAPH is a construction company. It was created in 1960.
Since its creation, ETRAPH has developed itself through the strengthening of its material and human capital. Up-to-date execution methods and employees’ day-release trainings are behind the improvement of the company achievements and its capacity to adapt itself to the market changes. Insuring quality and meeting deadlines are two commitments which have always been honored to the customers’ full satisfaction (public and private sectors).

ETRAPH has been among the first tunisian construction companies to bet on export through the set up of specialized department since the eighties.
Its efforts were crowned by the achievement of several projects in Libya and the set up of a local subsidiary provided with an independent organization.
At present, the company is endeavouring to conquer new markets particularly in the Maghreb and Africa.